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The Seaward Artillery Practice Act

6Method of assessing compensation

(1) For the purpose of determining the amount of any compensation payable under section 5, the Collector of the district in which any notified area is situate shall depute one or more Revenue Officers to accompany the forces engaged in the practice.

(2) The Revenue Officer so deputed shall consider all claims for compensation under section 5 and determine, on local investigation and after affording the claimant an opportunity of being heard, the amount of compensation, if any, which shall be awarded in each case; and shall disburse on the spot to the claimant compensation so determined as payable.

(3) Compensation payable under sub-section (2) shall include compensation for the removal from any portion of a notified area declared to be a danger zone of any person, property or vessel and for any damage sustained in the course of any such removal. The compensation for removal will be disbursed on the spot at not less than the minimum prescribed rates before the removal is enforced.

(4) Any claimant dissatisfied with the refusal of the Revenue Officer to award him compensation or with the amount of compensation awarded to him by the Revenue Officer, may, at any time within one month of the communication to him of the decision of the Revenue Officer, prefer an appeal to the Collector against the decision.

(5) The decision of the Collector on such appeal shall be final and no suit shall lie in any civil Court in respect of any matter decided by the Collector under this section.

(6) No fee shall be charged in connection with any claim, notice, appeal, application or document filed before the Revenue Officer or the Collector under this section.

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