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The story behind lawgist

When I was 8 or 9 I had this story of a boy in my moral science class. He had a lot of interests in sports car. He worked very hard and spent his entire life savings in buying that sports car. But when he drives he cannot go beyond a speed. He is driving that same like his old normal car. It is because he missed reading that car's manual before driving. This is the moral of that story.

So I have a habit of reading those manuals comming with the product, rulebook of the college I studied etc. But what about the rulebook of the country I'm living? That when I started studying these IPC stuff. Turned out a country with 1.3B people doesn't have a great rulebook. All the sites are slow, poorly made UI.

As I am from tech and doing Work From Home due to covid-19 I thought of building one myself. Here is the one from where you are reading this. Thank you.

-- Akash Milton

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