275 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Other provisions as to private latrines

The Chairperson may, by written notice--

(a) require the owner or other person having the control of any private latrine or urinal not to put the same to public use; or

(b) require the owner or other person having the control of such private latrine or urinal which in the opinion of the Chairperson constitutes a nuisance, to remove the latrine or the urinal; or

(c) require any person having the control whether as owner, lessee or occupier of any land or building--

(i) to have any latrine provided for the same shut out by a sufficient roof, wall or fence from the view of persons passing by or dwelling in the neighbourhood; or

(ii) to clean in such manner as the Chairperson may prescribe in the notice any latrine or urinal belonging to the land or building; or

(d) where any premises intended or used for human habitation are without any latrine or urinal accommodation or are provided with insufficient latrine or urinal accommodation, require the owner, lessee or occupier of such premises to provide such or such additional latrine or urinal accommodation as he may prescribe, if necessary by causing any part of such premises to be vacated and demolished in accordance with bye-laws made in this behalf.

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