271 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Construction of latrines and urinals

(1) It shall not be lawful to construct any latrine or urinal for any premises except with the written permission of the Chairperson and in accordance with such terms not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act or any bye-laws made thereunder as he may prescribe.

(2) In prescribing any such terms the Chairperson may determine in such case--

(a) whether the premises shall be served by the service system or by the flush system or partly by the one and partly by the other; and

(b) what shall be the site or position of each latrine or urinal.

(3) If any latrine or urinal is constructed on any premises in contravention of the foregoing provisions, the Chairperson may, after giving not less than ten days' notice to the owner or occupier of such premises, alter, reconstruct, close or demolish such latrine or urinal and the expenditure incurred by the Chairperson in so doing shall be recoverable from the owner or occupier as an arrear of tax under this Act.

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