272 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Latrines and urinals, etc., in new buildings

(1) It shall not be lawful to erect any building or execute any work on or in relation to such building without providing such latrine accommodation and urinal accommodation and accommodation for bathing or for washing clothes and utensils on each floor of such building as the Chairperson may prescribe.

(2) In prescribing any such accommodation, the Chairperson may determine in each case--

(a) that such building shall be served by the flush system only;

(b) what shall be the site or position of each latrine, urinal, bathing or washing place or site and their number on each floor and their clear internal dimensions.

(3) It shall not be lawful to erect a residential building composed of separate tenements on the flat system without providing at least one latrine and one bathing or washing place for servants on the ground floor of such building or at any other suitable place in the same premises.

(4) In this section, the expression "to erect a building" has the same meaning as in section 236.

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