251 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Completion certificates

(1) Every person who employs an architect registered with the Council or an architects or an engineer or a person approved by the Chairperson to design or erect a building or execute any work shall, within one month after the completion of the erection of the building or execution of the work, deliver or send or cause to be delivered or sent to the Chairperson a notice in writing of such completion accompanied by a certificate in the form prescribed by bye-laws made in this behalf and shall give to the Chairperson all necessary facilities for the inspection of such building or work.

(2) No person shall occupy or permit to be occupied any such building or use or permit to be used any building or a part thereof effected by any such work until permission has been granted by the Chairperson in this behalf in accordance with bye-laws made under this Act:

Provided that if the Chairperson fails within a period of thirty days after the receipt of the notice of completion to communicate its refusal to grant such permission, such permission shall be deemed to have been granted.

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