237 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Prohibition of building without sanction

(1) No person shall erect or commence to erect any building or execute any of the works specified in section 239 except with the previous sanction of the Chairperson not otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter and of the bye-laws made under this Act in relation to the erection of buildings or execution of works.

(2) In such areas as may be specified by bye-laws made in this behalf, no roof, verandah, pandal or wall of a building or no shed or fence shall be constructed or reconstructed of cloth, grass leaves, mats or other inflammable materials except with the written permission of the Chairperson, nor shall any such roof, verandah, pandal, wall, shed or fence constructed or reconstructed in any year be retained in a subsequent year except with fresh permission obtained in this behalf

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