250 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power to seal unauthorised constructions

(1) It shall be lawful for the Chairperson, at any time, before or after making an order of demolition under section 247 or of the stoppage of the erection of any building or execution of any work under section 247 or under section 248, to make an order directing the sealing of such erection or work or of the premises in which such erection or work is being carried on or has been completed in the manner prescribed by rules, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act, or for preventing any dispute as to the nature and extent of such erection or work.

(2) Where any erection or work or any premises in which any erection or work is being carried on, has or have been sealed, the Chairperson may, for the purpose of demolishing such erection or work in accordance with the provisions of this Act, order such seal to be removed.

(3) No person shall remove such seal except--

(a) under an order made by the Chairperson under sub-section (2); or

(b) under an order of an Appellate Tribunal or the Administrator, made in an appeal under this Act.

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