# 8    Recovery in India of certain public demands arising beyond India

When this Act has been applied to any local area which is under the administration of 1[the Central Government 2***] but which is not part of 3[ 4*** India], an arrear of land-revenue accruing in that local area, or a sum recoverable as an arrear of land-revenue and payable to a Collector or other public officer or to a local authority in that local area, may be recovered under this Act in 3[ 4*** India].

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  • 1. Subs. by the A.O. 1937, for "the G. G. in C.".

  • 2. The words "or the Crown Representative" omitted by the India (Adaptation of Income-tax, Profits Tax and Revenue Recovery Acts) Order, 1947 (G. G. O. 31, dated the 10th December, 1947) (Gazette of India, 1947, Extraordinary, p. 1333).

  • 3. Subs., <i>ibid</i>., for &quot;British India&quot;.

  • 4. The words &quot;the Provinces of&quot; omitted by the A.O.1950.

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