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The Press and Registration of Books Act

4Keeper of printing-press to make declaration

1[(1)] No person shall within "[India], keep in his possession any press for the printing of books or papers, who shall not have made and subscribed the following declaration before 2[the District, Presidency or Sub-divisional Magistrate] within whose local jurisdiction such press may be:

"I, A. B., declare that I have a press for printing at,"--

And this last blank shall be filled up with a true and precise description of the place where such press may be situate.

3[(2) As often as the place where a press is kept is changed, a new declaration shall be necessary:

Provided that where the change is for a period not exceeding sixty days and th e place where the press is kept after the change is within the local jurisdiction of the Magistrate referred to in sub-section (1), no new declaration shall be necessary if--

(a) a statement relating to the change is furnished to the said Magistrate within twenty-four hours thereof; and

(b) the keeper of the press continues to be the same.]

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1. Section 4 re-numbered as sub-section (1) thereof by Act 55 of 1955, s. 5 (w.e.f. 1-7-1956).

2. Subs. by Act 56 of 1951, s. 36, for "the Magistrate" (w.e.f. 1-2-1952).

3. Added by Act 55 of 1955, s. 5 (w.e.f. 1-7-1956).

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