The Press and Registration of Books Act `1867

An Act for the regulation of Printing-presses and newspapers, for the printed in India, and for the registration of such books and newspapers.
List of Chapters & Sections
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  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
     Particulars to be printed on books and papers
  5. 4
     Keeper of printing-press to make declaration
  6. 5
     Rules as to publication of newspapers
  7. 5A
     Keepers of printing-presses and printers and publishers of newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir to make and subscribe fresh declarations within specified period
  8. 6
     Authentication of declaration
  9. 7
     Office copy of declaration to be prima facie evidence
  10. 8
     New declaration by persons who have signed a declaration and subsequently ceased to be printers or publishers
  11. 8A
     Person whose name has been incorrectly published as editor may make a declaration before a Magistrate
  12. 8B
     Cancellation of declaration
  13. 8C
  14. 9
     Copies of books printed after commencement of Act to be delivered gratis to Government
  15. 10
     Receipt for copies delivered under section 9
  16. 11
     Disposal of copies delivered under section 9
  17. 11A
     Copies of newspaper printed in India to be delivered gratis to Government
  18. 11B
     Copies of newspapers to be delivered to Press Registrar
  19. 12
     Penalty for printing contrary to rule in section 3
  20. 13
     Penalty for keeping press without making declaration required by section 4
  21. 14
     Punishment for making false statement
  22. 15
     Penalty for printing or publishing newspaper without conforming to rules
  23. 15A
     Penalty for failure to make a declaration under section 8
  24. 16
     Penalty for not delivering books or not supplying printer with maps
  25. 16A
     Penalty for failure to supply copies of newspapers gratis to Government
  26. 16B
     Penalty for failure to supply copies of newspapers to Press Registrar
  27. 17
     Recovery of forfeitures and disposal thereof and of fines
  28. 18
     Registration of memoranda of books
  29. 19
     Publication of memoranda registered
  30. 19A
     Appointment of Press Registrar and other officers
  31. 19B
     Register of newspapers
  32. 19C
     Certificates of registration
  33. 19D
     Annual statement, etc., to be furnished by newspapers
  34. 19E
     Returns and reports to be furnished by 'newspapers
  35. 19F
     Right of access to records and documents
  36. 19G
     Annual report
  37. 19H
     Furnishing of copies of extracts from Register
  38. 19-I
     Delegation of power
  39. 19J
     Press Registrar and other officers to be public servants
  40. 19K
     Penalty for contravention of section 19D or section 19E, etc
  41. 19L
     Penalty for improper disclosure of information
  42. 20
     Power of State Government to make rules
  43. 20A
     Power of Central Government to make rules
  44. 20B
     Rules made under this Act may provide that contravention thereof shall be punishable
  45. 21
     Power to exclude any class of books from operation of Act
  46. 22
  47. 23