295 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Control over wells and tanks, etc

(1) If the Chairperson is of opinion that the water in any well, tank or other place, is likely, if used for drinking, to endanger, or cause the spread of, any disease, he may--

(a) by public notice, prohibit the removal or use of such water for drinking; or

(b) by notice in writing require the owner or person having control of such well, tank or place to take such steps as may be directed by the notice to prevent the public from having access to or using such water; or

(c) take such other steps as he may consider expedient to prevent the outbreak or spread of any such disease.

(2) In the event of New Delhi or any part thereof being visited or threatened by an outbreak or a dangerous disease the officer authorised by the Chairperson in this behalf may, without notice and at any time, inspect and disinfect any well, tank or other place from which water is, or is likely to be, taken for the purposes of drinking and may further take such steps as he may think fit to ensure the purity of the water or to prevent the use of the same for drinking purposes.

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