288 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Infected clothes not to be sent to washerman or to laundry

(1) A person shall not send or take to any washerman or to any laundry or place set apart for the exercise by washerman of their calling, for the purpose of being washed or to any place for the purpose of being cleansed, any cloth or other article which he knows to have been exposed to infection from a dangerous disease unless that cloth or article has been disinfected by or to the satisfaction of the officer authorised in this behalf.

(2) The occupier of any building in which a person is suffering from a dangerous disease shall, if required by the officer authorised by the Chairperson, furnish to him the address of any washerman to whom or any laundry or other place to which clothes and other articles from the building have been, or will be, sent during the continuance of the disease, for the purpose of being washed or cleaned.

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