280 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Insanitary huts and sheds

Where the Chairperson upon any information in his possession is satisfied that any hut or shed used as a dwelling house or as a stable or for any other purpose, is likely, by reason of its being constructed without a plinth or upon a plinth of insufficient height or without proper means of drainage or on account of the impracticability of scavenging and cleansing it or owing to the manner in which it and other huts or sheds are crowded together, to cause risk of disease to the inmates thereof or to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, or is for any reason likely to endanger public health or safety, he may by notice in writing require the owner or occupier of the hut or shed or the owner or occupier of the land on which the hut or shed stands to remove or alter the hut or shed or carry out such improvement thereof as the Chairperson may deem necessary within such time as may be specified in the notice.

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