277 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power of Chairperson to require improvement of building unfit for human habitation

(1) Where the Chairperson upon information in his possession is satisfied that any building is in any respect unfit for human habitation, he may, unless in his opinion the building is not capable at a reasonable expense of being rendered fit, serve upon the owner of the building a notice requiring him within such time not being less than thirty days as may be specified in the notice to execute the works of improvement specified therein and stating that in his opinion those works will render the building fit for human habitation.

(2) In addition to serving a notice under this section on the owner the Chairperson may serve a copy of the notice on any other person having an interest in the building whether as a lessee, mortgagee or otherwise.

(3) In determining whether a building can be rendered fit for human habitation at a reasonable expense regard shall be had to the estimated cost of the work necessary to render it so fit and the value which it is estimated that the building will have when the works are completed.

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