176 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

New premises not to be erected without drains

(1) It shall not be lawful to erect or to re-erect any premises in New Delhi or to occupy any such premises unless--

(a) a drain be constructed of such size, materials and description, at such level and with such fall as shall appear to the Chairperson to be necessary for the effectual drainage of such premises;

(b) there have been provided and set up on such premises such appliances and fittings as may appear to the Chairperson to be necessary for the purposes of gathering or receiving the filth and other polluted and obnoxious matter from, and conveying the same off, the said premises and of effectually flushing the drain of the said premises and every fixture connected therewith.

(2) The drain so constructed shall empty into a municipal drain situated at a distance of not exceeding thirty meters from the premises; but if no municipal drain is situated within that distance then such drain shall empty into a cesspool situated within that distance to be specified by the Chairperson for the purpose.

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