171 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Public drains, etc., to vest in the Council

(1) All public drains, all drains in, alongside or under any public street, and all sewage collection works, whether constructed out of the New Delhi Municipal Fund or otherwise and all works, materials and things appertaining thereto, which are situated in New Delhi shall vest in the Council.

(2) All public and other drains which are vested in the Council are hereafter in this Act referred to as municipal drains.

(3) For the purposes of enlarging, deepening or otherwise repairing or maintaining any such drain or sewage collection work so much of the sub-soil appertaining thereto as may be necessary for the said purpose shall be deemed all so to vest in the Council.

(4) All drains and ventilation shafts, pipes and all appliances and fittings connected with the drainage works constructed, erected or set up out of the New Delhi Municipal Fund in or upon premises not belonging to the Council whether--

(a) before or after the commencement of this Act, and

(b) for the use of the owner or occupier of such premises or not,

shall, unless the Council has otherwise determined, or does at any time otherwise determine, vest and be deemed always to have vested in the Council.

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