4 The Indian Tolls Act

Exemptions from payment of toll

No tolls shall be paid for the passage 1*** of Police-officers on duty, or of any person or property in their custody, but no other exemption from payment of the toll levied under this Act shall be allowed.



Amendment of section 4.--In section 4 of the Indian Tolls Act, 1851 (8 of 1851), in its application to the State of Orissa, after the words “shall be paid for the passage of” the words “the State Government Vehicles on Government duty and” shall be inserted.

[Vide the Orissa Act 13 of 1987, s. 2]

1. The words "of troops and military stores and equipages on their march or" rep. by Act 2 of 1901, s. 8 and the Schedule.