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The Technology Development Board Act

21Power of Central Government to make rules

(1) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, make rules to carry out the provisions of this Act.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing power, such rules may provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:--

(a) the number of members of the Board under clause (g) of sub-section (3) of section 3;

(b) the term of office and other conditions of service of the members of the Board under sub-section (4) of section 3;

(c) the powers and duties of the Chairperson under sub-section (5) of section 3;

(d) the constitution of committees under sub-section (1) of section 5;

(e) theform of application under sub-section (1) of section 7;

(f) the form in which, and the time at which, the Board shall prepare its budget under section 11 and its annual report under section 12;

(g) the form of annual statement of accounts under sub-section (1) of section 13 and the date before which the audited copy of the accounts may be furnished to the Central Government under sub-section (4) of that section;

(h) any other matter which is to be, or may be, prescribed or in respect of which provisions is to be, or may be, made by rules.

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