The Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Baronetcy Act `1915

An Act for repealing Act No. XX of 1860 entitled "An Act for settling Promissory Notes of the Government of India, producing an annual income of one lakh of rupees and a Mansion House and and hereditaments called Mazagon Castle, in the Island of Bombay, late the property of Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, Baronet, deceased, so as to accompany and support the title and dignity of a Baronet, lately conferred on him and the heirs male of his body, by Her present Majesty Queen Victoria, and for other purposes connected therewith," and for resettling the said Promissory Notes, Mansion House and hereditaments and for other purposes connected therewith.
List of Chapters & Sections
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  2. 1
     Short title
  3. 2
     Repeal of Act XX of 1860
  4. 3
     The Commissioner for the Northern Division, the Accountant - General, and the Collector of Bombay to be a Corporation for execution of the Trusts of this Act
  5. 4
     Present Baronet to continue to bear, and all future Baronet to take, names of First Baronet
  6. 5
     Government Promissory Notes of a certain nominal value vested in Trustees
  7. 6
     Powers of investment
  8. 7
     Prohibition against varying investments without consent of person entitled to income
  9. 8
     Power to Baronet for the time being to purchase land to erect a Mansion House thereon
  10. 9
     Power to trustees to sell securities to produce funds to pay for land, etc
  11. 10
     Power to Baronet for the time being to sell Mazngon Castle
  12. 11
     Power to Trustees to apply proceeds of sale Mazagon Castle, not exceeding Rs. 2,75,000 in paying for land purchased and for erecting Mansion House th ere on, etc
  13. 12
     Settlement of Mansion House, etc., in support of Baronetcy
  14. 13
     Saving of rights of persons interested in reversion or remainder in Mazagon Castle on sale thereo
  15. 14
     Declaration of Trusts as to surplus proceeds of sale of Mazagon Castle over and above the sum of Rs. 2,75,000
  16. 15
     Power to Trustees to invest the surplus annual interest and income of the Trust Fund and p remises during the minority of any Baronet etc
  17. 16
     Provision in case of refusal or discontinuance of names of First Baronet
  18. 17
     Baronet in possession may jointure
  19. 18
     Limit of aggregate of jointure payable contemporaneously
  20. 19
     Mansion House and hereditaments not to be subject to joiuture
  21. 20
     Alienation prohibited during the Baronetcy
  22. 21
     Power to augment the funds and securities subject to the Settlement, provided that total amount of funds su bject to the Settlement shall not exceed fifty lakh
  23. 22
     Provision as to insurances of Mazagon Castle, and other house or buildings purchased in lieu thereof
  24. 23
     Directions for keeping Mazagone Castle, and other houses or buildings purchased in lieu thereof, in repair
  25. 24
     Power to Trustees to sell land subject to Settlement
  26. 25
     Directions as to how sale may be made
  27. 26
     Direction as investment of proceeds of sale of lands
  28. 27
     Declaration of Trusts as to investments of proceeds of sale of lands
  29. 28
     Power to Baronet for the time being to enter into arrangement with Government as to land - revenue payable in respect of land purchased under section
  30. 29
     Indemnity of Trustees
  31. 30
     General saving clause