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The Rajghat Samadhi Act

7Power of Committee to make bye-laws

(1) The Committee may 1[by notification in the Official Gazette] make bye-laws consistent with this Act and the rules made thereunder for all or any of the following purposes, namely:--

(a) the manner in which meetings of the Committee shall be convened, the quorum for the transaction of any business thereat and the procedure at such meetings;

(b) the appointment of such persons as may be necessary to assist the Committee in the efficient performance of its duties and the terms and conditions of service of such employees;

(c) the duties and powers of the employees of the Committee;

(d) the submission of accounts, returns and reports to the Committee by any of its employees.

(2) All bye-laws made under this section shall be subject to the condition of previous publication and shall not have effect until they are approved by the Central Government.

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1. Ins. by Act 30 of 1988, s. 3 (w.e.f 18-5-1988)

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