2 The Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act


In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,--

(a) "Force" means the Railway Protection Force constituted under section 3 of the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957 (23 of 1957);

(b) "member of the Force" means a person appointed to the Force, other than a superior officer;

(c) "officer of the Force" means an officer of and above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector appointed to the Force and includes a superior officer;

(d) "railway property" includes any goods, money or valuable security or animal, belonging to, or in the charge or possession of, a railway administration;

(e) "superior officer" means any of the officers appointed under section 4 of the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957 (23 of 1957), and includes any other officer appointed by the Central Government as a superior officer of the force;

(f) words and expressions used but not defined in this Act and defined in the Indian Railways Act, 1890 (9 of 1890), shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them under that Act.