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The Notaries Act

9Bar of practice without certificate

(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, no person shall practise as a notary or do any notarial act under the official seal of a notary unless he holds a certificate of practice in force issued to him under section 5:

Provided that nothing in this sub-section shall apply to the presentation of any promissory note, hundi or bill of exchange for acceptance or payment by the clerk of a notary acting on behalf of such notary.

(2) Nothing contained in sub-section (1) shall, until the expiry of two years from the commencement of this Act, apply to any such person as is referred to in the proviso to clause (d) of section 2.

1 [Provided that in relation to the State of Jammu and Kashmir* the said period of two years shall be computed from the date on which this Act comes into force in that State.]

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1. Ins. by Act 25 of 1968, s. 2 and the Schedule (w.e.f. 15-8-1968).

*. Vide notification No. S.O. 3912(E), dated 30th October, 2019, this Act is made applicable to the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union territory of Ladakh.

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