64 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Charge for supply of water

(1) A charge shall be levied for the water supplied to any land or building by measurement at such rate as shall from time to time be prescribed by the Council in this behalf.

(2) The Council may prescribe such conditions as it may think fit regarding the use of the water and regarding the charges to be paid for water consumed whilst a meter is out of order or under repair:

Provided that no condition prescribed under this sub-section shall be inconsistent with this Act or with any bye-law made thereunder.

(3) Any sum payable by a person, who is charged for water supplied, and not paid when it becomes due shall be recoverable as an arrear of tax under this Act.

(4) In prescribing charges for water supplied by measurement under sub-section (1), it shall be lawful for the Council to prescribe different rates in respect of different classes of lands and buildings.

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