57 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power of Council to re-adjust income and expenditure during the year

(1) If at any time during the year it appears to the Council that, notwithstanding any reduction of budget-grant that has been made under section 56 the income of the New Delhi Municipal Fund during the same year will not suffice to meet the expenditure sanctioned in the budget estimates of that year and to leave at the close of the year the cash balance specified in or determined under the proviso to sub-section (1) of section 56, then, it shall be incumbent on the Council to sanction forthwith any measures which it may consider necessary for adjusting the years income to the expenditure.

(2) For the purposes of sub-section (1), the Council may either diminish the sanctioned expenditure of the year so far as it may be possible so to do with regard to all the requirements of this Act, or have recourse to supplementary taxation under section 97 or to an increase of the rates of cesses, fees, fares and other charges leviable under this Act, or to adopt all or any of these methods.

(3) If the whole or any part of any budget-grant included in the budget estimates for a year remains unexpended at the close of that year, and the amount thereof has not been taken into account in the opening balance entered in the budget estimates of any of the next two following years, the Chairperson may sanction the expenditure of such budget-grant or the unexpended portion thereof during the next two following years for the completion of the purpose or object for which the budget-grant was originally made and not for any other purpose or object.

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