395 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Directions by Central Government

If, whether on receipt of a report or on receipt of any information or report obtained under section 393 or section 394 or otherwise, the Central Government is of opinion,--

(a) that any duty imposed on the Council by or under this Act has not been performed or has been performed in an imperfect, insufficient or unsuitable manner; or

(b) that adequate financial provision has not been made for the performance of any such duty,

it may direct the Council within such period as it thinks fit, to make arrangements to its satisfaction for the proper performance of the duty, or as the case may be, to make financial provision, to its satisfaction for the performance of the duty and the Council shall comply with such direction:

Provided that unless in the opinion of the Central Government the immediate execution of such order is necessary, it shall before making any direction under this section give the Council an opportunity of showing cause why such direction should not be made.

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