369 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Punishment for certain offences

(1) Whoever--

(a) contravenes any provision of any of the sections, sub-sections, clauses, provisos or other provisions of this Act mentioned in the first column of the Table in the Tenth Schedule; or

(b) fails to comply with any order or direction lawfully given to him or any requisition lawfully made upon him under any of the said sections, sub-sections, clauses, provisos or other provisions,

shall be punishable--

(i) with fine which may extend to the amount or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to the period, specified in that behalf in third column of the said Table or with both; and

(ii) in the case of a continuing contravention or failure, with an additional fine which may extend to the amount specified in the fourth column of that Table for every day during which such contravention or failure continues after conviction for the first such contravention or failure.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), whoever contravenes the provisions of sub-section (1) of section 221, or sub-section (1) of section 224, or sub-section (1) of section 225 or sub-section (1) of section 229 or section 244, in relation to any street which is a public street, shall be punishable with simple imprisonment which may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to five thousand rupees or with both.

(3) Any member, referred to in clauses (b) and (d) of sub-section (1) of section 4, who knowingly acquires, directly or indirectly, any share or interest in any contract made with, or any work done for the Council, shall be deemed to have committed offence made punishable under section 168 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).

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