362 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Application to the court of the district judge in other cases

(1) Where, in any case not provided for by section 361, the Council or the Chairperson or any officer or other employee is required by this Act or by any bye-law made thereunder to pay any expenses or any compensation, the amount to be so paid and if necessary, the apportionment of the same, shall, in case of dispute, be determined by the court of the district judge of Delhi on an application having been made to it for this purpose at any time within one year from the date when such expenses or compensation first became claimable.

(2) If the amount of any expenses or compensation ascertained in accordance with sub-section (1) is not paid by the person liable therefor on demand, it shall be recoverable as if the same were due under a decree passed by the court of the district judge in an original suit tried by it.

(3) Instead of proceeding in the manner aforesaid for the recovery of any expenses or compensation of which the amount due has been ascertained as hereinbefore provided, or after such proceedings have been taken unsuccessfully or with only partial success, the sum due or the balance of the sum due, as the case may be, may be recovered by a suit brought against the person liable for same in any court of competent jurisdiction.

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Recovery of expenses or compensation in case of dispute