358 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Relief to agents and trustees

(1) Where any person, by reason of his receiving rent of immovable property as a receiver, agent or trustee, or of his being as a receiver, agent or trustee the

person who would receive the rent if the property were let to a tenant, would under this Act, or any bye-law made thereunder, be bound to discharge any obligation imposed on the owner of the property for the discharge of which money is required, he shall not be bound to discharge the obligation unless he has, or but for his own improper act or default might have had funds in his hands belonging to the owner sufficient for the purpose.

(2) The burden of proving any fact entitling a receiver, agent or trustee to relief under sub-section (1) shall lie upon him.

(3) Where any receiver, agent or trustee has claimed and established his right to relief under this section, the Chairperson may, by notice in writing require him, to apply to the discharge of his obligation as aforesaid the first moneys which may come to his hands on behalf, or for the use, of the owner and on failure to comply with the notice, he shall be deemed to be personally liable to discharge the obligation.

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