341 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power to enter land adjoining land in relation to any work

(1) The Chairperson or any person authorised in this behalf by him or empowered in this behalf by or under any provision of this Act, rules, regulations or bye-laws made thereunder, may enter on any land within fifty metres of any work authorised by or under this Act, rules, regulations or bye-laws made thereunder with or without assistants and workmen for the purpose of depositing thereon any soil, gravel, stone or other materials or for obtaining access to such work or for any other purposes connected with the execution of the same.

(2) The person so authorised shall, before entering on any such land, state the purpose thereof, and shall, if so required by the owner or occupier thereof, fence off so much of the land as may be required for such purpose.

(3) The person so authorised shall, in exercising any power conferred by this section, do as little damage as may be and compensation shall be payable by the Council in accordance with bye-laws made in this behalf to the owner or occupier of such land or to both for any such damage, whether permanent or temporary.

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