329 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power of Chairperson to prevent use of premises in particular areas for purposes referred to in section 327

(1) The Chairperson may give public notice of his intention to declare that in any area specified in the notice no person shall use any premises for any of the purposes referred to in sub-section (1) of section 327, which may be specified in such notice.

(2) No objections to any such declaration shall be received after a period of one month from the publication of the notice.

(3) The Chairperson shall consider all objections received within the said period, giving any person affected by the notice an opportunity of being heard during such consideration, and may thereupon make a declaration in accordance with the notice published under sub-section (1), with such modifications, if any, as he may think but not so as to extend its application.

(4) Every such declaration shall be published in the Official Gazette and in such other manner as the Chairperson may determine, and shall take effect from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

(5) No person shall, in any area specified in any declaration published under sub-section (4) use any premises for any of the purposes referred to in section 327 specified in the declaration and the Chairperson shall have the power to stop the use of any such premises by such means as he considers necessary.

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