234 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Prohibition of removal, etc., of lamps

(1) No person shall, without lawful authority, take away or wilfully or negligently break or throw down or damage--

(a) any lamp or any appurtenance of any lamp or lamp post or lamp iron set up; in any public street or any public place;

(b) any electric wire for lighting such lamp;

(c) any post, pole, standard, stay, strut, bracket or other contrivance for carrying, suspending or supporting any electric wire or lamp.

(2) No person shall wilfully or negligently extinguish the light of any lamp set up in any public street or any public place.

(3) If any person wilfully or through negligence or accident breaks, or causes any damage to any of the things described in sub-section (1) he shall in addition to any penalty to which he may be subjected under this Act, pay the expenses of repairing the damage so done by him.

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