215 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Compensation to be paid in certain cases of setting back or setting forward of buildings, etc

(1) Compensation shall be paid by the Chairperson to the owner of any building or land acquired for a public street under the provisions of sections 210, 211 and 212 for any loss which such owner may sustain in consequence of his building or land being so acquired and for any expense incurred by such owner in consequence of any order made by the Chairperson:

Provided that--

(a) any increase or decrease in the value of the remainder of the property of which the building or land so acquired formed part, likely to accrue from the setting back to the regular line of the street shall be taken into consideration and allowed for in determining the amount of such compensation;

(b) if any such increase in the value exceeds the amount of loss sustained or expenses incurred by the owner, the Chairperson may recover from him half the amount of such excess as a betterment charge.

(2) If in consequence of any order to set forward a building made by the Chairperson the owner of such building sustains any loss or damage, compensation shall be paid to him by the Chairperson for such loss or damage after taking into account any increase in value likely to accrue from the setting forward.

(3) If the additional land which will be included in the premises of any person required or permitted under sub-section (2) to set forward a building belongs to the Council, the order or permission of the Chairperson to set forward the building shall be a sufficient conveyance to the said owner of the said land; and the price to be paid to the Council by the owner for such additional land and the other terms and conditions of the conveyance shall be set forth in the order or permission.

(4) If, when the Chairperson requires any building to be set forward, the owner of the building is dissatisfied with the price fixed to be paid to the Council or with any of the terms or conditions of conveyance, the Chairperson shall, upon the application of the owner at any time within fifteen days after the said terms and conditions are communicated to him, refer the case for the determination of the court of the district judge of Delhi whose decision thereon shall be final.

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