160 The New Delhi Municipal Council Act

Power to require separate service pipes

(1) The Chairperson may require the provision of a separate service pipe for each of the premises supplied or to be supplied by him with water.

(2) If, in the case of any premises already supplied with water but not having a separate service pipe, the Chairperson gives notice to the owner of the premises requiring the provision of such a pipe, the owner shall, within three months, lay so much of the required pipe as will constitute a supply pipe and is not required to be laid in a street, and the Chairperson, shall, within fourteen days after the owner has done so, lay so much of the required pipe as will constitute a communication pipe or a supply pipe to be laid in a street and make all necessary communications.

(3) If an owner upon whom a notice has been served under sub-section (2) fails to comply therewith the Chairperson may himself execute the work which the owner was required to execute and recover the expenses reasonably incurred by him in executing the work as an arrear of tax under this Act.

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