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The National Dairy Development Board Act

43Formation of companies with previous approval of Central Government

(1) Where the Board considers it necessary so to do, for the implementation of any of its objectives, it may, subject to the previous approval of the Central Government form one or more companies either by itself or in conjunction with any of its subsidiaries or with any other undertaking.

(2) Where any company has been formed in pursuance of sub-section (1),--

(a) in the case of a company formed by the Board by itself or along with its subsidiaries, it may contribute such capital, transfer such of its assets or render such assistance, as may be required, so as to enable the company so formed to function; and

(b) in any other case, it may contribute capital, transfer assets or render assistance in such manner and to such extent as the Board may deem fit subject to specific previous approval of the Central Government in that regard.

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