4 The International Airports Authority (Amendment) Act


(1)The International Airports Authority of India (Conditions of Service of the Chairman and other whole-time Members) Rules, 1973 (hereafter in this section referred to as the 1973 Rules) published with the notification of the Government of India in the then Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation No. S.O. 717(E), dated the 29th November, 1973, shall be deemed to be, and to have always been, made under section 36 of the principal Act as amended by clause (a) of section 2 of this Act, and accordingly, the 1973 Rules shall not be deemed to be invalid or ever to have become invalid merely on the ground that they were made with retrospective effect.

(2) Every order made or purporting to have been made by the Central Government under rule 7 of the 1973 Rules before the date of commencement of this Act and any action or thing taken or done under such order shall be and shall be deemed always to have been as valid and effective as if such order had been included in and formed part of that rule.

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