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The Indian Bar Councils Act

19Amendment of enactments, etc

(1) When sections 8 to 16 come into force in respect of any High Court, any enactment mentioned in the first column of the Schedule which is in force in any State in which the High Court exercises jurisdiction shall, for the purpose of its application to that State, be amended to the extent and in the manner specified in the second column of the Schedule.

(2) When sections 8 to 16 come into force in respect of any High Court of Judicature established by Letters Patent, this Act shall have effect in respect of such Court notwithstanding anything contained in such Letters Patent, and such Letters Patent shall, in so far as they are inconsistent with this Act or any rules made thereunder, be deemed to have been repealed.

(3) When sections 8 to 16 come into force in respect of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, the Bombay Pleaders Act, 1920 (Bom. Act 17 of 1920) except section 7 thereof, shall cease to apply to or in respect of any person enrolled as an advocate of the High Court under this Act, and nothing in that Act shall be deemed to authorise the admission or enrolment of any person as a vakil or pleader of the High Court.

(4) When this Act has come into force in respect of any High Court, any provision of any other enactment or any order, scheme, rule, form or bye-law made thereunder, which was before that date applicable to advocates, vakils or pleaders entitled to practise in such High Court shall, unless such a construction is repugnant to the context or to any provision made by or under this Act, be construed as applying to advocates of the High Court enrolled under this Act.

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