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The Dock Workers (Regulation of Employment) (Inapplicability to Major Ports) Act

4Transfer of assets and liabilities of the Dock Labour Board, etc., to the Board

(1) On the appointed day in relation to a major port,--

(a) all property, assets and funds vested in the Dock Labour Board immediately before such day, shall vest in the Board;

(b) all debts, obligations and liabilities incurred, all contracts entered into and all matters and things engaged to be done, by, with or for the Dock Labour Board immediately before such day, for or in connection with the purposes of the Dock Labour Board, shall be deemed to have been incurred, entered into and engaged to be done by, with or for the Board;

(c) all sums of money due to the Dock Labour Board immediately before such day shall be deemed to be due to the Board;

(d) all suits and other legal proceedings instituted by or against the Dock Labour Board immediately before such day for any matter in relation to the Dock Labour Board may be continued by or against the Board.

(e) every employee and worker serving under the Dock Labour Board shall hold office or service under the Board on the terms and conditions which are not in any way less favourable than those which would have been admissible to him if there had not been transfer of his services to the Board and shall continue to do so unless and until his employment in the Board is duly terminated or until his tenure, remuneration or terms and conditions of service are duly altered by the Board.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 (14 of 1947), or in any other law for the time being in force, the transfer of the services of any employee under this section to the Board shall not entitle such employee to any compensation under that Act or any other law, and no such claim shall be entertained by any court, tribunal or other authority.

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