The Delhi Police Act

An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to the regulation of the police in the Union territory of Delhi.

  • 19
     Framing of regulations for administration of the police
  • 20
     Commissioner of Police may call for returns
  • 21
     Powers of punishment
  • 22
     Procedure for awarding punishments
  • 23
     Appeal from orders of punishment
  • 24
     Police officers to be deemed to be always on duty and to be liable to employment in any part of Delhi
  • 25
     Circumstances under which police officer of subordinate rank may resign
  • 26
     Certificate, arms, etc., to be delivered by person ceasing to be a police officer
  • 27
     Occupation of, and liability to vacate, premises provided for police officers

  • 28
     Power to make regulations for regulating traffic and for preservation of order in public places, etc
  • 29
     Power to give directions to the public
  • 30
     Power to prohibit certain acts for prevention of disorder
  • 31
     Police to provide against disorder, etc., at places of public amusement or public assembly or meeting
  • 32
     Power to prohibit, etc., continuance of music, sound or noise
  • 33
     Issue of order of prevention of riot, etc
  • 34
     Maintenance of order at religious or ceremonial display, etc
  • 35
     Commissioner of Police may take special measures to prevent outbreak of epidemic disease at fairs, etc
  • 36
     Power to reserve street or other public place for public purpose and power to authorise erecting of barriers in streets
  • 37
     Power to make regulations prohibiting disposal of the dead except at places set apart

  • 38
     Employment of additional police to keep peace
  • 39
     Employment of additional police in cases of special danger to public peace
  • 40
     Employment of additional police at large work and when apprehension regarding behaviour of employees exists
  • 41
     Compensation for injury caused by unlawful assembly how recoverable
  • 42
     Dispute in regard to cost of deputing additional police or compensation under section 41
  • 43
     Recovery of amount payable under section 38, 39, 40 or 41
  • 44
     Collector to award compensation
  • 45
     Recovery of amounts payable under sections 39 and 41
  • 46
     Dispersal of gangs and bodies of persons
  • 47
     Removal of persons about to commit offences
  • 48
     Removal of persons convicted of certain offences
  • 49
     Period of operation of orders under section 46, 47 or 48
  • 50
     Hearing to be given before order under section 46, 47 or 48 is passed
  • 51
     Appeal against orders under section 46, 47 or 48
  • 52
     Finality of order in certain cases
  • 53
     Procedure on failure of person to leave the area and his entry therein after removal
  • 54
     Temporary permission to enter and consequences of non-observance of conditions of such permission
  • 55
     Taking measurements and photographs, etc., of persons against whom an order under section 46, 47 or 48 is made
  • 56
     Resistance to the taking of measurements, etc
  • 57
     Banning of use of dress, etc., resembling uniform of armed forces
  • 58
     Constitution of Defence Societies

  • 59
     Duty of police officer to enforce provisions of the Act
  • 60
     Other duties of a police officer
  • 61
     Power to enter places of public resort
  • 62
     Power to search suspected persons in street, etc
  • 63
     Emergency duties of police
  • 64
     Superior police officer may himself perform duties imposed on a subordinate officer
  • 65
     Persons bound to comply with the reasonable directions of police officer

  • 66
     Police to take charge of unclaimed property
  • 67
     Procedure for disposal of property taken charge of under section 66
  • 68
     Delivery of property to person entitled
  • 69
     In default of claim, property to be at disposal of Government

  • 70
     Power of Central Government to authorise Commissioner of Police and certain other officers to exercise powers of District Magistrates and Executive Magistrates under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973
  • 71
     Notifications under section 70 to be laid before Parliament
  • 72
     References to Judicial Magistrate of the first class in sections 108, 109 and 110 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 not to be construed as references to an Executive Magistrate

  • 73
     Powers with regard to offences under Act 59 of 1960
  • 74
     Powers of Metropolitan Magistrate to return animal to person from whose possession it was taken
  • 75
     Veterinary officer to examine the animal
  • 76
     Animal to be dealt with under Act 59 of 1960
  • 77
     Power of police officer to unsaddle animal or to unload it
  • 78
     Arrest without warrant in case of certain offences under Act 59 of 1960
  • 79
     Provisions of Chapter to be in addition to the provisions of Act 59 of 1960

  • 80
     Disregarding the rules of the road
  • 81
     Causing obstruction or mischief by animal
  • 82
     Exposing animal for hire, sale, etc
  • 83
     Causing any obstruction in a street
  • 84
     Obstructing a footway
  • 85
     Causing obstruction and annoyance by performances, etc
  • 86
     Doing offensive acts in or near a street or public place
  • 87
     Letting loose horse, etc., and suffering ferocious dogs to be at large
  • 88
     Bathing or washing in places not set apart for those purposes
  • 89
     Defiling water in public wells, etc
  • 90
     Obstructing bathers
  • 91
     Behaving indecently in public
  • 92
     Obstructing or annoying passengers in the street
  • 93
     Misbehaviour with intent to provoke a breach of the peace
  • 94
     Prohibition against flying kites, etc
  • 95
     Committing nuisance in or near street, etc
  • 96
     Disregard of notice in public building
  • 97
     Penalties for offences under sections 80 to 96
  • 98
     Penalty for failure to keep in confinement cattle, etc
  • 99
     Punishment for cruelty to animals
  • 100
     Wilful trespass
  • 101
     False alarm of fire or damage to fire alarm
  • 102
     Being found under suspicious circumstances between sunset and sunrise
  • 103
     Possession of property of which no satisfactory account can be given
  • 104
     Omission by pawn-brokers, etc., to report to police possession or tender of property suspected to be stolen
  • 105
     Melting, etc., of property referred to in section 104
  • 106
     Taking pledge from child
  • 107
     Suffering disorderly conduct at places of public amusement, etc
  • 108
     Cheating at games and gambling in street
  • 109
     Penalty for disobedience to order under section 27
  • 110
     Penalty for contravening regulations, etc., under section 28
  • 111
     Liability of licensee of place of public amusement or entertainment for acts of servants
  • 112
     Penalty for not obtaining licence in respect of place of public entertainment or certificate of registration in respect of eating house or for not renewing such licence or certificate within prescribed period
  • 113
     Penalties for contravention of orders, etc., under sections 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 and 34
  • 114
     Penalty for contravention of regulations, etc., made under sections 35, 36 and 37
  • 115
     Penalty for contravention of directions under section 46, 47 or 48
  • 116
     Penalty for entering without permission area from which a person is directed to remove himself or overstaying when permitted to return temporarily
  • 117
     Penalty for contravention of orders under section 57
  • 118
     Penalty for opposing or not complying with direction given under clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 59
  • 119
     Penalty for contravening directions under section 65
  • 120
     Dangerous performances
  • 121
     Neglect or refusal to serve as special police officer
  • 122
     Penalty for making false statement, etc., and for misconduct of police officers
  • 123
     Penalty for failure to deliver up certificate of appointment or other article
  • 124
     Vexatious entry, search, arrest, etc., by police officer
  • 125
     Penalty for vexatious delay in forwarding a person arrested
  • 126
     Penalty for unauthorised use of police uniforms
  • 127
     Power to make regulations regarding carrying weapons without authority
  • 128
     Prosecution for certain offences against this Act to be in the discretion of Delhi police
  • 129
     Summary disposal of certain cases
  • 130
     Prosecution for offences under other enactments not affected
  • 131
     Offences by companies

  • 132
     Disposal of fees, rewards, etc
  • 133
     Method of proving orders and notifications
  • 134
     Rules, regulations or orders not invalidated by defect of form or irregularity in procedure
  • 135
     Presumption in prosecutions for contravention of order made under section 46, 47 or 48
  • 136
     Officers holding charges of, or succeeding to, vacancies competent to exercise powers
  • 137
     Forfeiture of bond entered into by person under sub-section (1) of section 54
  • 138
     No police officer to be liable to penalty or damage for act done in good faith in pursuance of duty
  • 139
     No public servant liable as aforesaid for giving effect in good faith to any rule, regulation, order or direction issued with apparent authority
  • 140
     Bar to suits and prosecutions
  • 141
     Licences and written permissions to specify conditions, etc., and to be signed
  • 142
     Public notices how to be given
  • 143
     Consent, etc., of a competent authority may be proved by writing under its signature
  • 144
     Signature on notices, etc., may be stamped
  • 145
     Persons interested may seek to annul, reverse or alter any rule or order
  • 146
     Powers of Commissioner of Police under other Acts
  • 147
     Power to make rules
  • 148
     Notification of rules and regulations in the Official Gazette and laying of rules and regulations
  • 149
     Cesser of operation of certain enactments and savings
  • 150
     Police force functioning in Delhi immediately before the commencement of this Act to be deemed to be police force constituted under this Act
  • 151
     Power to remove difficulties
  • 152
     Repeal and saving