4 The Cine-workers Welfare Fund Act

Application of Fund

(1) The Fund shall be applied by the Central Government to meet the expenditure incurred in connection with measures and facilities which, in the opinion of that Government, are necessary or expedient to promote the welfare of cine-workers; and, in particular,--

(a) to defray the cost of such welfare measures or facilities for the benefit of cine-workers as may be decided by the Central Government;

(b) to provide assistance in the form of grants or loans to indigent cine-workers;

(c) to sanction any money in aid of any scheme for the welfare of the cine-workers 1 [, including family welfare, family planning, education and services] which is approved by the Central Government;

(d) to meet the allowances, if any, of the members of the Advisory Committees and the Central Advisory Committee constituted under sections 5 and 6 respectively and the salaries and allowances, if any, of persons appointed under section 8;

(e) any other expenditure which the Central Government may direct to be defrayed from the Fund.

(2) The Central Government shall have power to decide whether any particular expenditure is or is not debitable to the Fund, and its decision shall be final

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1. Ins. by Act 26 of 1987, s. 3 (w.e.f. 10-8-1988).