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The Charitable Endowments Act

8Bare trusteeship of treasurer

(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, a treasurer of Charitable Endowments shall not, as such treasurer, act in the administration of any trust whereof any of the property is for the time being vested in him under this Act.

(2) Such treasurer shall keep a separate account of each property for the time being so vested insofar as the property consists of securities for money, and shall apply the property or the income thereof in accordance with the provision made in that behalf in the vesting order under section 4 or in the scheme, if any, under section 5, or in both those documents.

(3) In the case of any property so vested other than securities for money, such treasurer shall, subject to any special order which he may receive from the authority by whose order the property became vested in him, permit the persons acting in the administration of the trust to have the possession, management and control of the property and the application of the income thereof, as if the property had been vested in them.

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