The Slum Areas (Improvement and Clearance) Act

An Act to provide for the improvement and clearance of slum areas in certain Union territories and for the protection of tenants in such areas from eviction.
List of Chapters & Sections
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  2. 1
     Short title, extent and commencement
  3. 2
  4. 3
     Declaration of slum areas
  5. 4
     Power of competent authority to require improvement of buildings unfit for human habitation
  6. 5
     Inforcement of notice requiring execution of works of improvement
  7. 6
     Expenses of maintenance of works of improvement etc., to be recoverable from the occupiers of buildings
  8. 6A
     Restriction on building, etc., in slum areas
  9. 7
     Power of competent authority to order demolition of buildings unfit for human habitation
  10. 8
     Procedure to be followed where demolition order has been made
  11. 9
     Power to declare any slum area to be a clearance area
  12. 10
     Slum clearance order
  13. 11
     Power of competent authority to re-develop clearance area
  14. 12
     Power of Central Government to acquire land
  15. 13
     Land acquired by Central Government to be made available to the competent authority
  16. 14
     Right to receive compensation
  17. 15
     Basis for determination of compensation
  18. 16
     Apportionment of compensation
  19. 17
     Payment of compensation or deposit of the same in court
  20. 18
     Powers of competent authority in relation to determination of compensation, etc
  21. 19
     Proceedings for eviction of tenants not to be taken without permission of the competent authority
  22. 20
  23. 20A
     Restoration of possession of premises vacated by a tenant
  24. 20B
     Rent of buildings in slum areas
  25. 21
     Chapter not to apply to eviction of tenants from certain buildings
  26. 22
     Powers of entry
  27. 23
     Powers of inspection
  28. 24
     Power to enter land adjoining land where work is in progress
  29. 25
     Breaking into buildings
  30. 26
     Entry to be made in the day time
  31. 27
     Owner's consent ordinarily to be obtained
  32. 28
     Power of eviction to be exercised only by the competent authority
  33. 29
     Power to remove offensive or dangerous trades from slum areas
  34. 30
  35. 31
     Service of notices, etc
  36. 32
  37. 33
     Order of demolition of buildings in certain cases
  38. 34
     Jurisdiction of courts
  39. 35
     Previous sanction of the competent authority or officers authorised by it, for prosecution
  40. 36
     Power to delegate
  41. 37
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  42. 37A
     Bar of jurisdiction
  43. 38
     Competent authority, etc., to be public servants
  44. 39
     Act to over-ride other laws
  45. 40
     Power to make rules