• 13
     Contracts in notified areas illegal in certain circumstances
  • 13A
     Additional trading floor
  • 14
     Contracts in notified areas to be void in certain circumstances
  • 15
     Members may not act as principals in certain circumstances
  • 16
     Power to prohibit contracts in certain cases
  • 17
     Licensing of dealers in securities in certain areas
  • 17A
     Public issue and listing of securities referred to in sub-clause (ie) of clause (h) of section 2
  • 18
     Exclusion of spot delivery contracts from sections 13, 14, 15 and 17
  • 18A
     Contracts in derivatives
  • 19
     Stock exchanges other than recognised stock exchanges prohibited
  • 20

  • 21
     Conditions for listing
  • 21A
     Delisting of securities
  • 22
     Right of appeal against refusal by stock exchanges to list securities of public companies
  • 22A
     Right of appeal to Securities Appellate Tribunal against refusal of stock exchange to list securities of public companies
  • 22B
     Procedure and powers of Securities Appellate tribunal
  • 22C
     Right to legal representation
  • 22D
  • 22E
     Civil Court not to have jurisdiction
  • 22F
     Appeal to High Court

  • 23
  • 23A
     Penalty for failure to furnish information, return, etc
  • 23B
     Penalty for failure by any person to enter into an agreement with clients
  • 23C
     Penalty for failure to redress Investors grievances
  • 23D
     Penalty for failure to segregate securities or moneys of client or clients
  • 23E
     Penalty for failure to comply with provision of listing conditions or delisting conditions or grounds
  • 23F
     Penalty for excess dematerialisation or delivery of unlisted securities
  • 23G
     Penalty for failure to furnish periodical returns, etc
  • 23GA
     Penalty for failure to conduct business in accordance with rules, etc
  • 23H
     Penalty for contravention where no separate penalty has been provided
  • 23-I
     Power to adjudicate
  • 23J
     Factors to be taken into account by the adjudicating officer
  • 23JA
     Settlement of administrative and civil proceedings
  • 23JB
     Recovery of amounts
  • 23JC
     Continuance of proceedings
  • 23K
     Crediting sum realised by way of penalties to Consolidated Fund of India
  • 23L
     Appeal to Securities Appellate Tribunal
  • 23M
  • 23N
     Composition of certain offences
  • 23-O
     Power to grant immunity
  • 24
     Offences by companies
  • 25
     Certain offences to be cognizabl
  • 26
     Cognizance of offences by courts
  • 26A
     Establishment of Special Courts
  • 26B
     Offences triable by Special Courts
  • 26C
     . Appeal and Revision
  • 26D
     Application of Code to proceedings before Special Court
  • 26E
     Transitional provisions

  • 27
     Title to dividends
  • 27A
     Right to receive income from collective investment scheme
  • 27B
     Right to receive income from mutual fun
  • 28
     Act not to apply in certain cases
  • 29
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  • 29A
     power to delegat
  • 30
     Power to make rules
  • 30A
     Special provisions related to commodity derivatives
  • 31
     Power of Securities and Exchange Board of India to make regulations
  • 32
     Validation of certain acts