The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act `1994

An Act to provide for the prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception, and for regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purposes of detecting genetic abnormalities or metabolic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities or certain congenital malformations or sex-linked disorders and for the prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female foeticide and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
List of Chapters & Sections
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  2. 1
     Short title, extent and commencement
  3. 2
  4. 3
     Regulation of Genetic Counselling Centres, Genetic Laboratories and Genetic Clinics
  5. 3A
     Prohibition of sex selection
  6. 3B
     Prohibition on sale of ultrasound machine, etc., to persons, laboratories, etc., not registered under the Act
  7. 4
     Regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques
  8. 5
     Written consent of pregnant woman and prohibition of communicating the sex of foetus
  9. 6
     Determination of sex prohibited
  10. 7
     Constitution of Central Supervisory Board
  11. 8
     Term of office of members
  12. 9
     Meetings of the Board
  13. 10
     Vacancies, etc., not to invalidate proceedings of the Board
  14. 11
     Temporary association of persons with the Board for particular purposes
  15. 12
     Appointment of officers and other employees of the Board
  16. 13
     Authentication of orders and other instruments of the Board
  17. 14
     Disqualifications for appointment as member
  18. 15
     Eligibility of member for reappointment
  19. 16
     Functions of the Board
  20. 16A
     Constitution of State Supervisory Board and Union territory Supervisory Board
  21. 17
     Appropriate Authority and Advisory Committee
  22. 17A
     Powers of Appropriate Authorities
  23. 18
     Registration of Genetic Counselling Centres, Genetic Laboratories or Genetic Clinics
  24. 19
     Certificate of registration
  25. 20
     Cancellation or suspension of registration
  26. 21
  27. 22
     Prohibition of advertisement relating to pre-conception and pre-natal determination of sex and punishment for contravention
  28. 23
     Offences and penalties
  29. 24
     Presumption in the case of conduct of pre-natal diagnostic techniques
  30. 25
     Penalty for contravention of the provisions of the Act or rules for which no specific punishment is provided
  31. 26
     Offences by companies
  32. 27
     Offence to be cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable
  33. 28
     Cognizance of offences
  34. 29
     Maintenance of records
  35. 30
     Power to search and seize records, etc
  36. 31
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  37. 31A
     Removal of difficulties
  38. 32
     Power to make rules
  39. 33
     Power to make regulations
  40. 34
     Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament