• 14
     Business of the National Housing Bank
  • 15
     Borrowings and acceptance of deposits by National Housing Bank
  • 16
     Loans in foreign currency
  • 16A
     Assistance to borrower when to operate or a charge in the property offered as security
  • 16B
     Amount and security to be held in trust
  • 17
     Power to transfer rights
  • 18
     Power to acquire rights
  • 18A
     Exemption from registration
  • 18B
     Recovery of dues as arrears of land revenue
  • 19
     Power to impose conditions for accommodation
  • 20
     Power to call for repayment before agreed period
  • 21
     National Housing Bank to have access to records
  • 22
     Validity of loan or advance not to be questioned
  • 23
     National Housing Bank not to make loans or advances against its own bonds or debentures
  • 24
     Power to inspect
  • 25
     Power to collect credit information
  • 26
     Power to publish information
  • 27
     Advisory services

  • 28
     Definition of deposit
  • 29
     Chapter not to apply in certain cases
  • 29A
     Requirement of registration and net owned fund
  • 29B
     Maintenance of percentage of assets
  • 29C
     Reserve fund
  • 30
     Reserve Bank to regulate or prohibit issue of prospectus or advertisement soliciting deposits of mone
  • 30A
     Power of Reserve Bank to determine policy and issue directions
  • 31
     Power of National Housing Bank to collect information from housing finance institutions as to deposits
  • 32
     Duty of housing finance institutions to furnish statements, etc., under this Chapte
  • 33
     Powers and duties of auditors
  • 33A
     Power of Reserve Bank to prohibit acceptance of deposit and alienation of assets
  • 33B
     Power of National Housing Bank to file winding up petition
  • 34
  • 35
     Deposits not to be solicited by unauthorised persons
  • 35A
     Disclosure of information
  • 35B
     Power of Reserve Bank to exempt housing finance institutio
  • 36
     Chapter V to override other laws
  • 36A
     Power to order repayment of deposit
  • 36B
     Nomination by depositors

  • 36C
  • 36D
     Appointment of recovery officer
  • 36E
     Application to the recovery officer
  • 36F
     Procedure in respect of application under section 36E
  • 36G
     Enforcement of order of recovery officer
  • 36H
     Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and District Magistrate to assist recovery officer in taking charge of propert
  • 36-I
     Establishment of Appellate Tribunal
  • 36J
     Composition of Appellate Tribunal
  • 36K
     Qualifications for appointment as Presiding Officer of Appellate Tribunal
  • 36L
     Term of office
  • 36M
     Staff of Appellate Tribunal
  • 36N
     Salaries and allowances and other terms and conditions of service of Presiding Officers
  • 36-O
     Filling up of vacancies
  • 36P
     Resignation and removal
  • 36Q
     Orders constituting Appellate Tribunal to be final and not to invalidate its proceedings
  • 36R
     Jurisdiction, powers and authority of Appellate Tribunal
  • 36S
     Appeal to the Appellate Tribunal
  • 36T
     Deposit of amount due, on filing appeal
  • 36U
     Procedure and powers of recovery officer and Appellate Tribunal
  • 36V
  • 36W
     Presiding Officer, recovery officer, other officers and employees to be public servant
  • 36X
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  • 36Y
     Bar of jurisdiction
  • 36Z
     Transitional provisions

  • 37
     General Fund and other funds
  • 38
     Preparation of balance sheet, etc., of National Housing Bank
  • 39
     Disposal of surplus
  • 40
  • 41
  • 42
     Annual report on housing

  • 43
     Staff of National Housing Bank
  • 43A
     Delegation of powers
  • 44
     Obligation as to fidelity and secrecy
  • 45
     Defects in appointment not to invalidate acts, etc
  • 45A
     Arrangement with National Housing Bank on appointment of directors to prevail
  • 46
     Protection of action taken under the Act
  • 47
     Indemnity of directors
  • 47A
     Nomination in respect of deposits, bonds, etc
  • 48
     Explanation from tax on income
  • 49
  • 50
     Offences by companies
  • 51
     Cognizance of offences
  • 52
     Application of fine
  • 52A
     Power of National Housing Bank and Reserve Bank to impose fin
  • 53
     Bankers’ Books Evidence Act 18 of 1891, to apply in relation to the National Housing Bank
  • 54
     Liquidation of National Housing Bank
  • 54A
     Power to make rules
  • 55
     Power of the Board to make regulations
  • 56
     Amendment of certain enactments
  • 57
     Power to remove difficulties