The Industries (Development and Regulation) Act

An Act to provide for the development and regulation of certain industries.
List of Chapters & Sections
  1. All sections

  2. 1
     Short title, extent and commencement
  3. 2
     Declaration as to expediency of control by the Union
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 5
     Establishment and constitution of Central Advisory Council and its functions
  7. 6
     Establishment and constitution of Development Councils and their functions
  8. 7
     Reports and accounts of Development Councils
  9. 8
     Dissolution of Development Councils
  10. 9
     Imposition of cess on scheduled industries in certain cases
  11. 10
     Registration of existing industrial undertakings
  12. 10A
     Revocation of registration in certain cases
  13. 11
     Licensing of new industrial undertakings
  14. 11A
     Licence for producing or manufacturing new articles
  15. 11B
     Power of Central Government to specify the requirements which shall be complied with by small scale industrial undertakings
  16. 12
     Revocation and amendment of licences in certain cases
  17. 13
     Further provision for licensing of industrial undertakings in special cases
  18. 14
     Procedure for the grant of licence or permission
  19. 15
     Power to cause investigation to be made into scheduled industries or industrial undertakings
  20. 15A
     Power to investigate into the affairs of a company in liquidation
  21. 16
     Powers of Central Government on completion of investigation under section 15
  22. 17
  23. 18
     Power of person or body of persons appointed under section 15 to call for assistance in any investigation
  24. 18A
     Power of Central Government to assume management or control of an industrial undertaking in certain cases
  25. 18AA
     Power to take over industrial undertakings without investigation under certain circumstances
  26. 18B
     Effect of notified order under section 18A
  27. 18C
     Contracts in bad faith, etc., may be cancelled or varied
  28. 18D
     No right to compensation for termination of office or contract
  29. 18E
     Application of Act 7 of 1913
  30. 18F
     Power of Central Government to cancel notified order under section 18A
  31. 18FA
     Power of Central Government to authorise, with the permission of the High Court, persons to take over management or control of industrial undertakings
  32. 18FB
     Power of Central Government to make certain declarations in relation to industrial undertakings, the management or control of which has been taken over under section 18A, section 18AA or section 18FA
  33. 18FC
     Power of Central Government to call for report on the affairs and working of managed company
  34. 18FD
     Decision of Central Government in relation to managed Company
  35. 18FE
     Provisions where Government decides to follow the course of action specified in section 18FD (1)
  36. 18FF
     Provisions where Government decides to follow the course of action specified in section 18FD (2)
  37. 18FG
     Preparation of inventory of assets and liabilities and list of members and creditors of managed company
  38. 18FH
     Stay of suits and other proceedings
  39. 18G
     Power to control supply, distribution, price, etc., of certain articles
  40. 19
     Powers of inspection
  41. 20
     General prohibition of taking over management or control of industrial undertakings
  42. 21
     Certain administrative expenses of Development Councils to be paid from moneys provided by Parliament
  43. 22
     Power of the Central Government to issue directions to Development Council
  44. 23
     Decision of Central Government final respecting certain matters
  45. 24
  46. 24A
     Penalty for false statements
  47. 25
     Delegation of powers
  48. 26
     Power to issue directions
  49. 27
     Cognizance of offences
  50. 28
     Burden of proof in certain cases
  51. 29
     Jurisdiction of courts
  52. 29A
     Special provision regarding fines
  53. 29B
     Power to exempt in special cases
  54. 29C
     Protection of action taken under the Act
  55. 29D
     Debts incurred by the authorised person to have priority
  56. 29E
  57. 30
     Power to make rules
  58. 31
     Application of other laws not barred
  59. 32