The Airports Authority of India Act

An Act to provide for the constitution of the Airports Authority of India and for the transfer and vesting of the undertakings of the International Airports Authority of India and the National Airports Authority to and in the Airports Authority of India so constituted for the better administration and cohesive management of airports and civil enclaves whereat air transport services are operated or are intended to be operated and of all aeronautical communication stations for the purposes of establishing or assisting in the establishment of airports and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

  • 12
     Functions of the Authority
  • 12A
     Lease by the Authority

  • 13
     Undertakings of the International Airports Authority and the National Airports Authority to vest in the Authority
  • 14
     General effect of vesting of undertaking in the Authority
  • 15
     Licences, etc., to be deemed to have been granted to the Authority
  • 16
     Tax exemption or benefit to continue to have effect
  • 17
     Guarantee to be operative
  • 18
     Provisions in respect of officers and other employees of the International Airports Authority and the National Airports Authority
  • 19
     Compulsory acquisition of land for the Authority
  • 20
     Contracts by the Authority
  • 21
     Mode of executing contracts on behalf of the Authority

  • 22
     Power of the Authority to charge, fees, rent, etc
  • 22A
     Power of Authority to levy development fees at airports
  • 23
     Additional capital and grant to the Authority by the Central Government
  • 24
     Fund of the Authority and its investment
  • 25
     Allocation of surplus funds
  • 26
     Submission of programme of activities and financial estimates
  • 27
     Borrowing powers of the Authority
  • 28
     Accounts and audit

  • 28A
  • 28B
     Appointment of eviction officers
  • 28C
     Issue of notice to show cause against order of eviction
  • 28D
     Eviction of unauthorised occupants
  • 28E
     Disposal of property left on airport premises by unauthorised occupants
  • 28F
     Power to remove unauthorised constructions, etc
  • 28G
     Power to require payment of rent or damages in respect of airport premises
  • 28H
     Powers of eviction officers
  • 28-I
     Establishment of Tribunal
  • 28J
     Resignation and removal
  • 28JA
     Qualifications, terms and conditions of service of Chairperson
  • 28K
     Appeals to Tribunal
  • 28L
     Procedure and powers of Tribuna
  • 28M
     Finality of order
  • 28N
     Offences under this Chapter
  • 28-O
     Offences by companie
  • 28P
     Congizance of offences
  • 28Q
     Power to obtain information
  • 28R
     Officers, etc., to aid and assis

  • 29
     Submission of annual report
  • 30
  • 31
     Authentication of orders and other instruments of the Authorit
  • 32
     Officers and employees of the Authority to be public servants
  • 33
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  • 34
     Custody and disposal of lost property
  • 35
     Provisions relating to income-tax
  • 36
     Power of the Authority to undertake certain works
  • 37
     Power to issue directions
  • 38
     Power of the Central Government to temporarily divest the Authority of the management of any airport
  • 39
     Power of the Central Government to supersede the Authorit
  • 40
     Power of the Central Government to issue directions
  • 41
     Power to make rule
  • 42
     Power to make regulation
  • 43
     Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament
  • 44
     Power to remove difficulties
  • 45
  • 46
     Repeal and savin