The Administrative Tribunals Act `1985

An Act to provide for the adjudication or trial by Administrative Tribunals of disputes and complaints with respect to recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to public services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of any State or of any local or other authority within the territory of India or under the control of the Government of India or of any corporation or society owned or controlled by the Government in pursuance of article 323A of the Constitution and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

  • 14
     Jurisdiction, powers and authority of the Central Administrative Tribunal
  • 15
     Jurisdiction, powers and authority of State Administrative Tribunals
  • 16
     Jurisdiction, powers and authority of a Joint Administrative Tribunal
  • 17
     Power to punish for contempt
  • 18
     Distribution of business amongst the Benches

  • 19
     Applications to tribunals
  • 20
     Applications not to be admitted unless other remedies exhausted
  • 21
  • 22
     Procedure and powers of Tribunals
  • 23
     Right of applicant to take assistance of legal practitioner and of Government, etc., to appoint presenting officers
  • 24
     Conditions as to making of interim orders
  • 25
     Power of Chairman to transfer cases from one Bench to another
  • 26
     Decision to be by majority
  • 27
     Execution of orders of a Tribunal

  • 28
     Exclusion of jurisdiction of courts except the Supreme Court under article 136 of the Constitution
  • 29
     Transfer of pending cases
  • 29A
     Provision for filing of certain appeals
  • 30
     Proceedings before a Tribunal to be judicial proceedings
  • 31
     Members and staff of Tribunal to be public servants
  • 32
     Protection of action taken in good faith
  • 33
     Act to have overriding effect
  • 34
     Power to remove difficulties
  • 35
     Power of the Central Government to make rules
  • 36
     Power of the appropriate Government to make rules
  • 36A
     Power to make rules retrospectively
  • 37
     Laying of rules